8 Best-In-Class Tools for Project Managers to Try in 2024

Alex Omeyer
7 min readJan 18, 2024


When we have the right tools, we can do so much more, so much better. Teams that get this right are able to run away with a significant, lasting competitive advantage.

As we get into, it’s the perfect time to take stock of some of the very best new tools for project managers.

I’ve picked out ten of the very best software for project managers — some are brand new to the market this year, others have gained traction over the last couple.

1. Stepsize — Stunning AI Development Reports

Stepsize AI is a zero-setup tool that generates stunning reports on your team’s development progress.

It integrates with Jira or Linear, and uses AI to establish a deep understanding of your projects and goals. It forms intelligent connections between your tasks and activities.

The result? Accurate, automatic Agile reports with the perfect amount of context and commentary — without lifting a finger.

No need to chase people for updates, compile regular reports by searching for data or taking screenshots from various tools.

Best features

  • Zero-setup – plug and play. The tool just needs access to your issue tracker, the AI does the rest.
  • Rich data and metrics — beautifully displayed data complete with context and commentary, to help you understand progress and spot unexpected patterns.
  • Context-aware AI — it understands the details of your projects and objectives.
  • Concise, readable updates — filters essential information to prevent data overload while delivering the perfect level of context for meaningful updates.
  • Goal-centric reporting — naturally aligns reports with project and sprint goals.

Importantly, it’s built with security as a top priority. Your data’s protected, and never trains any AI model.

My view — Most PMs need to either consume or create reports, and its usually a painstaking process that doesn’t always deliver useful outcomes. I like to think Stepsize AI solves this problem with perfect reports which show you the hard data, summarise progress and offer intelligent commentary.

Check out Stepsize AI here — there’s a 2-week free trial, and you can set up your report with no credit card details required.

2. Motion — AI-Driven Time Management

Motion is a time management and project management tool powered by AI.

This tool automates task prioritisation, schedule creation, and workload analysis. It targets project managers facing time and resource allocation challenges, and offers a solution to reduce human error and save time.

Motion stands out for its smart scheduling and task management features. It dynamically adjusts schedules and integrates customisable meeting pages, eliminating the need for separate booking software.

Key features

  • Automated task prioritisation and schedule creation.
  • Dynamic schedule adjustments for optimal time management.
  • Customisable meeting pages.

My view — Motion is a powerful and proven tool that’s easy to fall in love with. I think it’s perfect for project managers burdened by complex scheduling.

Learn more about Motion — There’s a 7-day free trial.

3. Ayanza — Social-First Project Management

Ayanza is a collaborative project management platform focusing on team well-being.

Unlike the tools it challenges — we’re talking ClickUp, Asana, Monday and perhaps Jira — Ayanza integrates standard project management features with a social media-like interface. It emphasises team collaboration and wellness, with AI-enhanced content creation and smart project planning suggestions.

Ayanza’s strengths lie in its intuitive interface, real-time updates through a newsfeed, and communication tools like group chats. Its “Rhythms” feature for organising team events is a unique aspect enhancing team morale.

Key features

  • User-friendly interface with diverse project templates.
  • Newsfeed for real-time project updates.
  • Communication tools for efficient team interaction.

My view — Ayanza might suit teams prioritising a strong community and communication culture. It’s not as glitteringly featured as some competitors but it does do something unique that the others don’t

Visit Ayanza — 5 users can try it for free.

4. Kypso — AI Team Operations Copilot

Kypso is an AI-powered tool for managing and scaling team operations.

Newly-launched at the time of writing, Kypso acts as an AI copilot to make teams more efficient, integrating with everyday tools like Slack, Notion, GitHub and Jira. It’s particularly useful for teams focused on software development or any project-driven environment where efficient management of operations is key.

The strength of Kypso lies in its ability to capture and resolve important discussions, identify unclear project scopes early, and provide consistent progress updates. This ensures clarity, control, and alignment in project execution. Additionally, its customisable nature allows it to be tailored to specific operational needs, making it versatile for different team structures.

Key features

  • AI-assisted management of team discussions and decisions.
  • Early identification of project scope issues.
  • Regular and structured progress updates for stakeholder alignment.

My view — Kypso is a very cool new entrant into project management tools with a unique approach to helping teams do more of what matters. It works with the tools many teams use every day.

Try out Kypso — 2 users can try it for free.

5. Synergy — Gamified Team Engagement

Synergy gamifies Agile for teams using Jira Cloud.

It’s designed to enhance team engagement in an agile workplace through gamification elements like kudos, points, rewards, badges, and leaderboards. The tool is suitable for teams using Jira who are looking to boost morale, productivity, and engagement in a fun and interactive way.

Key features

  • Personalised challenges and rewards for team members.
  • Gamification of daily tasks and achievements within Jira.
  • Story-driven career goals to enhance team engagement.

My view — Synergy is an interesting solution for teams seeking to inject fun and motivation into their daily routines. Worth looking at if Jira is your tool of choice.

Visit Synergy on the Atlassian Marketplace — It’s free for up to 10 users.

6. Almanac — Streamlined Documentation Workflow

Almanac is a comprehensive wiki and workflow tool.

Aimed at businesses seeking to consolidate their documents and workflows, Almanac serves as a single source of truth, offering an organised and efficient way to manage docs.

Almanac’s appeal lies in its ability to integrate various documentation processes into one platform. It offers features like version control, approval workflows, and an array of integrations.

Key features

  • Consolidated documentation and workflow management.
  • Version control and approval workflows for document integrity.
  • Integration with tools like Jira, GitHub, Linear, and Slack.

My view — Almanac is best-suited to fast-paced, remote, or distributed teams, who I think will find the focus on efficiency and convenience especially useful.

Learn more about Almanac — The first 3 seats are free.

7. MintOS — Project Management for Notion

MintOS is project management software for teams who use Notion.

MintOS is aimed at small businesses and product teams. It offers a suite of tools for project and client management, task assignment, and financial tracking.

Key features

  • Integrated project and client management tools.
  • Financial tracking for project and business finances.
  • Customisable client dashboards for individual project tracking.

My view — If you’re already invested in Notion (well worth a try if you’re new to it — our team love it!) MintOS is a fab project management solution.

Try out MintOS for Notion — Licenses start from $49 at the time of writing.

8. Finmark — Strategic Financial Planning

Finmark is a financial planning and analysis software.

It targets pre-revenue to pre-IPO start-ups of all sizes, but I think this is a helpful and impactful tool for project managers at small organisations who need to be finance-savvy and attuned to business goals.

Finmark offers a platform for financial modelling, budgeting, and forecasting. It solves the problem of time-consuming financial management and provides a comprehensive view for strategic decision-making.

Key features

  • Real-time data analysis and reporting.
  • Centralised budgeting and forecasting tools.
  • Automated hiring planning and fundraising strategies.

My view — Not an out-and-out PM tool but a very slick bit of software for a PM who needs to have a holistic understanding and input to their small business finance.

Learn more about Finmark — Start-ups can use Finmark from $50/month.

That’s it!

When we have the right tools, we can do so much more. Teams that get this right — especially as AI starts to create a fast-track for teams with an adoption strategy — stand to gain a lasting edge in their field.

Our team has created Stepsize AI, a tool for perfect product development reporting. It delivers impactful, detailed updates, perfectly balanced with the right context.

Discover Stepsize AI here — you can get your first report for free in just a few minutes. I’d love to know what you think.



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